You love your children, everyone knows it.  But everyone needs a couple hours off-duty sometimes.  

Our staff loves children, and children love us!  Don't worry, it won't be a stranger watching your kids.  We require each babysitter to personally meet the child(ren) and parents prior to the first session.

Life is crazy.  We get it.  Any job, task, or unforeseen problem you need to solve, we can help.

When you text Wala, you're texting a human being with critical thinking capabilities and problem solving skills.  Any problem or task that arises, we will be able to take care of in a timely and reliable manner.


Wala Westlake is looking for

a new owner!  Contact if



YArd Work


When you run out of time and need a runner, just shoot us a text.  We can pick up or drop off just about anything you might need picked up or dropped off. 

Our cars, much like our workers, are reliable and clean.  And we know the area well, so errands are always quick and easy.



Wala Westlake is now under

new ownership!

April 12


April 19

anything else

Yanking weeds, mowing your lawn, mulching and planting.  Any service you might need in your yard, we can do.  

We like to get our hands dirty, so don't hesitate to get our help if it seems like a big job.

Need something done?

We can help.

Text  5 1 2 - 8 1 5 - 2 6 4 4

Wala Westlake employs a customer input system when charging for labor.  Before each task, Wala will ask the customer what he or she thinks is a reasonable price to pay for the task being completed.

This progressive pricing strategy allows Wala to not only provide the most competitive prices in the business, but also to observe how the price of labor differentiates between various types of labor.  This gives Wala valuable information about future pricing.  

Jobs usually average out to be around $17-20 an hour.  


Text is open 24/7, but responses will only occur between 5 A.M. and 10 P.M.

Due to the student-run nature of Wala Westlake, the majority of work can only be done after 5 P.M.  

Weekends are 100% available!

Morning and evening pet sitting (feeding and walking) jobs are still available.

​We apologize for any inconvenience.